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OOBGOLF - Cigar Caddy Travel Humidor Review

Posted: 6/25/2010 - 8:31:49 AM

By Matt Snyder, oobgolf Contributor

It's been a long time since we've talked cigars here in the Cigar Lounge, but that's about to change. Thanks to Quality Importers, the parent company of Cigar Caddy, we have to revisit the topic of travel humidors. I have mentioned in the past that my experiences with travel humidors have been mediocre at best. Well, that all changed when Cigar Caddy hooked me up with the best travel humidor that I've seen yet!

As soon as I picked up my Cigar Caddy for the very first time, I noticed that it seemed very heavy duty for a smaller humidor. The plastic shell is very thick and there is plenty of foam inside to provide adequate cushion for your finest smokes. Now, the plastic that makes up most travel humidors is usually where I start to get turned off. Iíve seen humidors crack and latches break as a result of the cheap plastics that are used. However, after finding out that Cigar Caddy has a lifetime guarantee and claim to be crushproof, I began to believe that the plastic wasnít going to be an issue with this humidor. Of course, I had to find out for myself. So, as I was waiting on a slow group in front of me to hit their second shot, I decided I would entertain myself, and my playing partners, by running over my Cigar Caddy with the cart. My buddies in the group did not think this was a great idea, so I took my cigars out of the Caddy just in case. Sure enough, I ran that thing over with both tires and she never blinked. According to my standards, that makes the Cigar Caddy crushproof. As far as the latches are concerned, they are holding up very well. However, they get a lot of use and are bound to give way eventually. Donít worry; the folks at Cigar Caddy have planned ahead. The latches are constructed so that they can be easily removed and replaced. So, if one does give way, Quality Importers will send you another to replace it as part of the lifetime guarantee.

All right, how about a few negatives. Well, Iíll be honest; there are not a lot of bad things that I can say about this product. Perhaps my biggest complaint about Cigar Caddy is that you canít purchase the product from their website. Iím sure you can call and place an order, but who does that anymore! There is a place on the site to search for a local retailer, but if none exist near you, you are left to search the net for another site that sells the product. Not the worst thing ever, but it is a little inconvenient. As far as the product itself is concerned, I will mention that because the Cigar Caddy is more heavy duty, it is also a little more bulky than comparable travel humidors. However, I still have no trouble fitting my five-stick Caddy in my golf bag or pocket of my cart. So, while it is a little larger than most travel humidors, it is still manageable. Perhaps the only other negative thing that I have found is the color. Mine is the typical black plastic like most all travel humidors. The problem with the black is that it can be easily lost and forgotten in a golf cart or anywhere else for that matter. I know we have all lost more than one thing in a golf cart because we didnít see it when we were unloading. I fear that I will do the same someday with my Caddy. But, there is good news! Cigar Caddy just released four new versions of the five-stick model that are all different colors. One of those colors is fluorescent orange! Now, nobody is going to miss that thing when they are cleaning out their cart! My personal favorite is the new silver metallic looking Caddy. Green and camouflage are the other new color options. So, whether you like the traditional black look or you prefer to mix it up with another color scheme, you can find a look that fits your taste.

Before, I would just grab my cigars, stuff them in my pocket or a plastic bag, and take off for the course. Most of the time, it wasnít a problem. But, I have crushed, lost, or dried out my fair share of quality smokes with this traveling method. Those things will no longer be a problem thanks to the folks at Quality Importers. With a lifetime guarantee, the Cigar Caddy is a canít miss purchase. They offer many different versions of the Caddy to fit any and all needs. Whether you like to smoke when you golf, hunt, camp, fish, or all of the above, I would recommend adding a Cigar Caddy to your gear.

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